Discover Korfball!

Korfball is an exciting sport played within a rectangular field of play, indoors most of the year, with a shorter outdoor season in the summer. Teams of four male players and four female players try to shoot a ball into a korf (basket), which is on a pole 3.5m high (higher than basketball or netball) with no backboard.

Teams of eight players divide into two sections – two male, two female in each section. Playing area consists of two large squares joined along the centre line, each square with a ‘korf’ set in one third from the back line. One section starts the game in attack and stays in one half of the pitch, and the other in defence in the other half. Sections swap roles after two goals have been scored - the attackers become defenders and vice versa.

  • Unlike many established sports which expect you to be a certain standard before joining the club, the MK korfball clubs actively welcome all players from absolute beginner upwards. Most UK players start as adult beginners, we teach you the rules and skills, and there will be other players there who have not been playing very long!
  • Great if you want to play a sport all winter, that is indoors - no freezing or getting wet on an outdoor pitch, or having matches cancelled due to weather!
  • Great if you want to play a competitive sport but one with a lower risk of injury than sports like football or rugby, e.g. if you have previously had injuries
  • Great if you like variety, because all players get to both attack and defend, rather than being stuck in a single playing position
  • A good way back into team sports if you currently don't do much sport or feel unfit, since you get a break while the ball is in the other section of the pitch!
  • Chance to play at whatever level, or amount of travel, that you want - either just train, or play MK local league matches, or play Oxfordshire league matches, or play a tournament (usually outdoors over the summer, but there is an indoor one in Luton on 23/02/08!) which is sometimes further away, but you get to play all day rather than just one game and is sometimes followed by a party!
  • If you're more interested in the social side, then the clubs have regular post-training drinks, club socials, stay overnight and party after some summer tournaments, and the MK clubs do at least one trip abroad every year to play in a tournament in Europe!

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    MK City Korfball Club
    Indoor training (Sept-May) - Mondays 6:15-7:15pm at Woughton Leisure Centre
    Summer outdoor training - Mondays from 6:30pm at Tattenhoe Pavilion

    At Jan 2008 - Club currently looking for both men and women!

    MK Bucks Korfball Club
    Indoor training (Sept-May) - Thursdays 8:30-10pm at Courtside Sports Hall, opposite Bletchley train station
    Summer outdoor training - Thursdays from 7:30pm at Tattenhoe Pavillion

    At Jan 2008 - Club currently looking for both men and women!

    MK Roos Korfball Club
    Indoor training (Sept-May) - Wednesdays 8-9:30pm at Shenley Brook End School
    Summer outdoor training - shared with MK City, Mondays

    At Jan 2008 - Club currently looking especially for men, although new ladies always welcome as well!

    All MK clubs are currently open to all adults (16+). We have also started junior sessions for secondary school children at Shenley Brook End School and Lord Grey School and hope to get more primary/secondary schools playing in future. Our aim is generally for the schools to lead themselves on any regular sessions, by training PE teachers how to coach korfball themselves. However, we can arrange one-off korfball sessions at schools, or sessions to train PE teachers, if you are interested.